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  • 14k gold
  • 21 white diamonds
  • diameter 4 mm
  • Shamballa drawstring closure

INVICTUS means pure crystallized carbon and the hardest gemstone in a bed of gold.
Its name derives from Latin and means „invincible“. A little play on words as the word diamond derives as well from the Latin word „adamas" which means „indestructible, untouchable".

Mother Nature produces this fascinating stone deep inner earth with 70 tons of pressure/ cm3, several thousand degrees celsius and thousands of years.

The diamond represents a certain "immunity", inner strength, and motivation. It promotes clear thoughts, consciousness, and spiritual growth.


INVICTUS is iconic. The beautiful and clean design tells its own tale. You hardly feel the weight of this bracelet, yet it glitters like an eternal firework in light. INVICTUS comes in 8 stunning colors and its colure is easy to put on and to adjust. It can be worn during sports, in the water or sauna. It is not necessary to take it off.
We think this bracelet is the ideal piece of jewellery of absolutely every occasion. For diamond beginner or experts. It is very special and represents your inner strength. Be INVICTUS.


Each jewelry piece is carefully handmade. INVICTUS can be worn while exercising/swimming or sauna.

One size fits all.

All jewelry from 15DEGREESLONDON is made of real and natural materials and therefore may differ slightly from the photos shown.


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