No Piercing Cuff


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  • Open cuff
  • White freshwater pearls set by Signature Tahitian Pearls

Pearls possess a soft and velvety texture that is soothing to the touch, imparting a sense of tranquility and serenity. With each interaction, their surface becomes increasingly luminous, reflecting the light and radiating a captivating glow. For centuries, pearls have been revered as symbols of wisdom, purity, luck, and wealth, carrying a legacy of significance and cultural reverence. Their timeless allure and multifaceted symbolism continue to captivate and inspire, making pearls cherished treasures that embody beauty and profound meaning.

This contemporary bangle offers a fresh twist on a classic design. Inspired by a classic piercing, its shape is modern and unique. The cuff can be worn in two ways, with the tahiti pearls on top or the back of your wrist, allowing for versatile styling options. The cuff is slightly bendable, making it easy to put on and adjust to fit your wrist perfectly.

Handmade with care, each jewelry piece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. To maintain its longevity, it is advised to avoid showering or bathing in the sea, as it may accelerate the aging process. As pearls are natural products, it is recommended to prevent direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all. Diameter 6 cm.

All jewelry from 15DEGREESLONDON is made of real and natural materials and therefore may differ slightly from the photos shown.


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