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- Natural Eau De Parfum
- Fragrance notes: Invigorating, sensual, spicy
- Composition: Lemon, neroli, lavender
- Exclusively refined bottle
- Luxury cardboard box
- Size: 50 ml
- Handmade in Germany

Each of these perfumes embodies a different story, but all are united by one denominator. Blossom Absolutes.


Blossom Royal captures the beauty of the Mediterranean's lush vegetation in a fragrance.

Notes of zesty lemon and bergamot combine with elegant neroli for a delicate and uplifting scent. Spicy rosemary and lavender evoke the blissful feeling of basking in the sun's rays on your face.

The Eau de Parfums from 15DEGREESLONDON stand out with their unique qualities:

1. Exclusivity: Designed for fragrance connoisseurs, these perfumes are created away from the mass market, offering a distinctive olfactory experience.

2. Precious Essences: Crafted from the finest and most diverse fragrance essences in the world, each perfume is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients.

3. Aroma Chemical-Free: These perfumes are 100% free of aroma chemicals, ensuring a more natural and compatible fragrance experience.

4. Rich Absolutes: The base of each Eau de Parfum contains a generous amount of exclusive "absolutes," highly concentrated components that are meticulously produced and highly valuable.

Experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of 15DEGREESLONDON's Eau de Parfums, where luxurious fragrances meet pure authenticity.

At 15DEGREESLONDON, we prioritize ethical and eco-friendly sourcing of our ingredients. Our commitment to sustainability means that our products are created with natural and renewable resources.

Base: Lavendel, Rosmarin
Body: Neroli
Head: Zitrone, Bergamotte


Alcohol, Absolute, Perfume, Water.
Before using the fragrance, always make sure that this product is suitable for you.


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