Old knowledge and modern design


15DEGREESLONDON has a holistic approach to people and product.

Our jewelry consists of NATURAL JEWELS. This means that we deliberately avoid artificial refinements to preserve the natural energy of the precious stones and not to compromise the synergistic effects. Gemstones as well as pearls consist of minerals, trace elements and much more. Natural and worn directly on the skin, they can act with your body.

By the way, we didn't make that up. Other very smart people wrote that down more than 1000 years ago. You ask who?

Alright. For the fact lovers amongst you. The lady was called "Hildegard von Bingen".  A German nun, the first female polymath of our time. Scientist, physician and musician.


Fragrance by 15DEGREESLONDON

All our fragrances are NATURAL GAMECHANGERS.
Due to the refined composition, they do not require aroma chemicals.
We use only luxurious Absolute Essences (a particularly valuable and intense way to create a fragrance) and single natural oils.
Each natural fragrance consists of hundreds of natural molecules, which in turn combine with the ph value on your skin and provide an individual fragrance result. Conventional fragrances are often stretched with aroma chemicals (yes, it's really called that) to intensify and preserve the product.
We don´t need that. 

Our Body Sprays are light and have a lower concentration of fragrance. They give you a scent impulse and can be used besides your body also very well in the room, on your favorite pillow, on the beach or everywhere else you like to smell the scent. 
Our Eau des Parfums have a very high fragrance concentration. Once applied they are with you all day long.

Who is the founder?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Caroline and I am the founder of 15DEGREESLONDON. "15" is my lucky number and moreover the average temperature of London. My favorite city. 

 I always got excited about things that combine science and mysticism, because therein lies a unique balance for me. 
My goal is to bring luxury and nature together and thus redefine luxury. 
Our gemstones sparkle naturally. We don't have to treat them with heat to clear the stone. 
Our fragrances are made from the most exclusive, natural components in perfume industry. These ingredients are so intense they do not need to be artificially intensified.

With these words
Be Happy and Beautiful!