Old knowledge and modern design


15DEGREESLONDON takes a holistic approach to both individuals and our products. Our jewelry is crafted using natural jewels, deliberately avoiding artificial refinements to preserve their natural energy and synergistic effects. Gemstones and pearls contain minerals and trace elements that possess inherent qualities, interacting harmoniously with the body when worn against the skin.

Inspired by the wisdom of Hildegard von Bingen, a renowned German nun and polymath from over a millennium ago, we believe in the power of natural remedies and the profound connection between humans and the natural world. By embracing the authenticity of natural materials, we honor Hildegard's legacy and cater to our discerning clientele.

In our designs, we acknowledge the value of genuine materials and forgo artificial alterations, allowing the gemstones and pearls to shine in their true essence. By harmoniously integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary design principles, we create a transcendent experience for our customers who appreciate the historical significance and holistic aesthetic embodied by our brand.


Fragrance by 15DEGREESLONDON

At 15DEGREESLONDON, our fragrances are transformative in a natural way. They are meticulously crafted without the need for artificial aroma chemicals. Instead, we rely on the exquisite essence of Absolute Essences, which offer a particularly valuable and intense fragrance experience, as well as single natural oils.

Each of our natural fragrances is a complex blend of hundreds of natural molecules. When applied to your skin, these molecules interact with your skin's pH value, resulting in a unique and individual fragrance experience. Unlike conventional fragrances that often rely on synthetic additives to enhance and prolong the scent, we proudly avoid such practices.

Our Body Sprays offer a lighter option with a lower concentration of fragrance. They provide a delightful scent impulse that can be enjoyed not only on your body but also in various settings such as rooms, your favorite pillow, the beach, or wherever you desire to envelop yourself in a captivating aroma.

Our Eau des Parfums boast an exceptionally high fragrance concentration. Once applied, they remain with you throughout the day, allowing you to savor their captivating essence from morning till night.

By embracing natural gamechangers and eschewing synthetic additives, our fragrances offer an authentic olfactory experience that aligns with our brand's commitment to quality, luxury, and individuality. Indulge in our scents and elevate your sensory journey to new heights.


Who is the founder?

With pleasure, allow me to introduce myself. I am Caroline, the founder of 15DEGREESLONDON.

At 15DEGREESLONDON, the number "15" holds a special meaning as my lucky number and the average temperature of London, a city I cherish.

I strive to redefine luxury by seamlessly merging nature and opulence.

My jewelry features natural gemstones with inherent brilliance, free from artificial treatments. Likewise, our fragrances are carefully crafted using exclusive and natural components, showcasing their remarkable intensity without artificial augmentation.

By harmonizing nature and luxury, I offer products that embody elegance, authenticity, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Join me on a journey where luxury and nature coexist harmoniously, enriching your senses and nurturing your spirit.

Be Happy and Beautiful!