A Fusion of Artistry and Nature

In the realm of design and creative expression, Caroline's story serves as a wellspring of inspiration. With great dedication to her craft, she has navigated a remarkable path, from the hallowed halls of Harvard to the enchanting realm of product design and concept development.

Caroline's journey commenced with a profound adoration for fashion and jewelry, nurtured through years of industry experience. Her talent and visionary perspective found their path in the foundation of 15DEGREESLONDON—a brand that seamlessly harmonizes the allure of luxury with the magnificence of nature.

As a consultant, Caroline has embarked on innovative collaborations with esteemed corporations and individuals alike, deftly sculpting jewelry designs that authentically reflect their brand identities. Her versatility and profound comprehension of traditional and sustainable manufacturing techniques have consistently garnered respect and admiration.

Expanding her creative vista, Caroline has ventured into crafting a collection of fragrances and skincare products. Each creation is meticulously curated to uphold the highest quality standards and ethical principles. She carefully selects the purest organic components, fashioning captivating blends that seamlessly merge natural ingredients with skin-friendly formulations.

At the heart of Caroline's vision lies the art of curating bespoke fragrance concepts. Through thoughtfully sourcing organically grown essential oils and absolute essences, she assembles alluring blends that harmoniously unite natural actives with skin-nurturing formulas. The outcome is a symphony of scents that awaken the senses, creating a truly immersive experience.

When you choose 15DEGREESLONDON, you can be assured that every fragrance and skincare creation has undergone stringent skin compatibility testings. This ensures exceptional performance while nurturing your skin's unique needs with grace and efficacy.

Caroline and her dedicated team are committed to bringing your vision to life. Together, we will forge something truly extraordinary.