Precious Wood

Beauty of contrasts

Our jewellery focusing precious wood is inspired by tibetan prayer necklaces. Symbolically wood grounds it´s owner which is a beautiful contrast as it´s light weight is barely noticable on the skin.

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South Sea Pearls

Values from the Sea soothing our senses

Our jewellery focusing valuable pearls represents the very essence of Natural Luxury. It is the only existing jewel nature gifts us ready to use. It´s pure nature on your skin.

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Pure energy

Our jewellery focusing on precious stones is full of symbolic powers. Because of that we only use natural gemstones and a minimum of metal to keep the energetic flow and let you become one with nature.

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INVICTUS. I love this punchy name. Even non-Latin people know immediately what is meant. Invincibility. I think that's something we can all u...

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KODO my love

KODO my love

Yes, this is an official declaration of love for our KODO Body and All Purpose Sprays. Why, you ask? That's easy to explain :-) The jewellery fro...

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