I love this punchy name. Even non-Latin people know immediately what is meant. Invincibility.

I think that's something we can all use right now, after we're admittedly on our way to normalcy. But let's face it, it wasn't simple, easy or pretty. I think almost everyone took a package from Corona time.

If you've ever read a magazine article of mine, you know that I'm really passionate about my little stones and I love to read everything there is to read about them. And that's how the idea for INVICTUS came about.

Immunity, willpower and strength we all possess. With one it slumbers a little deeper than with the other, but every person has these qualities. I wanted to create something that, in addition to design and value, embodies something special and reminds us of it. Both when it is days to celebrate, as well as when things have not gone so well.

All 15DEGREESLONDON jewelry is crafted so that the stones come into direct contact with the skin to synergize their energy with our energy. INVICTUS works the same way.

White gold or yellow gold with 21 white diamonds pavé (i.e. around the outside) create a firework of sparkle. INVICTUS is delicate so that it doesn't have to be taken off because it might be a nuisance. It lies close to the wrist like a small protective shield and moves on its (string) orbit.


Funnily enough, the word diamond also comes from Latin. "Adamas" is the word for indestructibility. INVICTUS means invincible.

It is simply the most beautiful, noble and best combination there is. Diamonds are pure carbon in crystalline form. It is the hardest gemstone in the world. It promotes spirituality and clear thinking. Everything that makes us truly invincible.

Many thousand years and incredible 70 tons of pressure per cm3 this stone needs in the earth's interior to form.

All these attributes give the diamond its incredibly beautiful meaning.

INVICTUS comes in its own precious box and a small booklet where you can read about what makes a diamond so special.

Regarding style, you don’t have to be worried at all. Whether white gold or yellow gold is totally a matter of taste and the color of the nylon strap.

Once put on, just do not take off. Sauna, sports, swimming, no matter. Makes the bracelet nothing :-) just invincible :-)

I wish you a lot of joy with this product, at least as much as I have with it and that it always reminds you of your strength, because you create everything! Be INVICTUS.

And (of course) happy and (of course) beautiful