KODO my love

Yes, this is an official declaration of love for our KODO Body and All Purpose Sprays.

Why, you ask?

That's easy to explain :-)

The jewellery from 15DEGREESLONDON goes through the Japanese KODO ceremony before it comes to your home. This is the unknown, but very old, cousin of today's aromatherapy. In this ceremony we cleanse the jewellery so that it can connect energetically neutral with its new owner.

And this is exactly how the KODO Armoasprays came about. I myself am very sensitive to fragrances and wanted a product that wouldn't give me a headache during the day and was completely natural. And by natural I mean NO AROMACHEMICALS. Feel free to look at other manufacturers' ingredient lists. "Clean" does not mean that aroma chemicals have to be dispensed with. But that is exactly what gives sensitive people a headache.

We have managed to do that. The fragrances are all CLEAN, VEGAN, NATURAL and of the highest quality that can be produced. Without bragging now...., but the absolute essences (purely natural) are exactly the ones that you can smell in perfumes from € 200.- upwards.

Furthermore, the fragrances are all-purpose sprays, because apart from the actual fragrance, all aroma sprays are designed to be antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. This is due to the coposition of the essential oils.

So use them wherever you like. Body, sleeping pillow, car, sports bag or for a burst of fragrance as a room spray.

Even now in summer and on holiday, the scents are gigantic. You smell good, are refreshed and codofied (little word creation :-))). Whether after the shower or on the beach. The bottle is made of opal glass, which lets almost no light through, so the fragrance lasts well. Also, there are no white spots on the neck in summer. This is a harmless skin fungus that develops in connection with heat/sultriness and perfume. It is often found in jungle areas and doesn't have to be.

My suggestion- Order the sample set and see what you like. And if you don't like anything, you can offset the nominal fee against jewellery. Easy.

In that sense

Be Happy and Beautiful!