KODO my love

I am delighted to express my profound adoration for our KODO Body and All Purpose Sprays.

Why, you may wonder? Allow me to elucidate with great enthusiasm.

At 15DEGREESLONDON, our jewelry undergoes the traditional Japanese KODO ceremony before it reaches your doorstep. This captivating ritual, a distant relative of modern-day aromatherapy, purifies the jewelry, allowing it to energetically connect with its new owner on a neutral level.

This sacred practice inspired the creation of our KODO Aromasprays. As someone highly sensitive to fragrances, I longed for a product that wouldn't trigger headaches throughout the day and was entirely natural. By natural, I mean entirely devoid of aroma chemicals. Feel free to peruse the ingredient lists of other manufacturers. "Clean" does not necessarily equate to the absence of aroma chemicals, and unfortunately, these chemicals often cause distress to sensitive individuals.

However, we have accomplished this feat. Our fragrances are CLEAN, VEGAN, NATURAL, and crafted with the utmost quality achievable. Without boasting excessively, our fragrances comprise absolute essences—purely natural scents often found in perfumes priced at €200 or more.

Moreover, our fragrances double as all-purpose sprays. In addition to their delightful aroma, they possess antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, thanks to the careful composition of essential oils.

Feel free to utilize them wherever you desire—whether on your body, sleeping pillow, in your car, sports bag, or as a refreshing burst of fragrance as a room spray.

During summer and vacations, in particular, these scents are truly magnificent. They leave you smelling delightful, revitalized, and codofied (a playful word creation of mine :-)). Whether you've just stepped out of the shower or find yourself lounging on the beach, our opal glass bottles ensure the fragrances endure. Additionally, they prevent the occurrence of white spots on your neck, which can be a consequence of a harmless skin fungus that tends to emerge in humid, tropical regions. Rest assured, there's no need to worry about it.

Allow me to suggest ordering our sample set to explore the scents that resonate with you. And should you find that none of them captures your heart, you can apply the nominal fee towards our jewelry. It's that simple.

In conclusion,

Be Happy and Beautiful!