Jewelry And Other Investments

What constitutes a savvy investment? I'm not referring to conventional investments like real estate or retirement plans. I'm talking about the investments we make in our everyday lives—the things that bring us joy, uplift our spirits, evoke contemplation, or transform us into chameleons of style.

This encompasses attending a captivating concert, savoring a delectable slice of cake, exploring the realm of fashion, and adorning ourselves with exquisite jewelry. Few things allow us to express our mood as eloquently as our clothing and jewelry choices.

Personally, I find myself in the latter category, although I do appreciate fashion. I avidly follow trends in magazines, keeping my eyes open to inspiration from every direction and ultimately curating my own unique style. Trends can undoubtedly be inspiring, but in the end, it all boils down to personal taste. Whether it's sneakers adorned with flowers or soles reminiscent of a hidden hamster, the choice is yours to make.

Despite the allure of fashion, I have discovered my own comfortable style—a blend of shirts, jeans, and blazers that effortlessly suit my everyday life. However, there is one realm in which I consistently invest and derive immense pleasure from completing my outfits: jewelry.

Jewelry, in my view, is an investment that never disappoints. It complements everyone and transcends fleeting trends, becoming a true reflection of the wearer's essence. Jewelry brings joy, regardless of weight fluctuations, making it a timeless investment.

Today, for instance, I instinctively chose to wear a green emerald bracelet. With summer yet to fully embrace us, I longed for a touch of fresh green. Emeralds symbolize new beginnings, aiding in the release of old patterns and are revered as the stone of youth. Hildegard von Bingen eloquently described the emerald as a gem that encapsulates the energy of a rising sun—a burst of vitality embedded in the very formation of these precious stones.

Energy, style, and investments—these are the elements that ignite my passion. I adore them wholeheartedly.

In conclusion,

Be happy and beautiful.