Jewelry And Other Investments

What makes a clever investment? And I don't speak about conservative investments like real estate or retirement provision. What are good investments in our everyday life? Things, that make you happy, cheer you up, make you thoughtful or turn you into a quick-change artist.
That includes going to a concert as well as a tasty piece of cake and fashion, and jewelry. Nothing else allows you to express your mood as nicely as clothing and jewelry.
Personally, I belong to the second category although I really like fashion. I follow trends in magazines, have my eyes everywhere, and eventually do my own thing. Definitely, trends are inspiring. Well, it is a matter of taste. Sneakers that look like you have stomped into a flower box or have a hamster buried in the sole. Can be done, does not have to be.
Despite the entertainment of fashion, I found my own comfortable style with mostly shirts, jeans, and blazers suitable for everyday life. Whereas there is one area into which I consequently invest and always have great fun completing my outfits: jewelry.
I see it as an always good investment since it compliments everyone. Jewelry is always personal and not only reflects trends but also a part of the wearer.
Jewelry is always fun, suitable (Weight fluctuations DON'T MATTER) and thus can be a good investment.
For instance, I intuitively decided to go with a green emerald bracelet today. Somehow summer is not coming yet and I longed for fresh green. Emerald promotes the new, helps to get rid of old behavior patterns, and is also seen as the stone of youth. Hildegard von Bingen described it with the words that the emerald is a stone that contains the energy of a rising sun. Bam! Has to do with the formation of emeralds in rocks.
Energy and style and investments. I love it :-)
Be happy and beautiful