PEARLS - Lifestyle And Statement

When I started 15DEGREESLONDON, I deliberately focused only on the pearl theme.

To my own astonishment, I had to admit to myself from the age of 35 that I could suddenly get enthusiastic about things that I didn't associate with myself at all before.

I think a necklace of faux pearls from Chanel started a creeping process... When I strolled through Old Bond Street in London, I no longer changed sides at Mikimoto (the pearl god par excellence) to press my nose flat against a pink 10-carat necklace at GRAFF. Instead, I was drawn peu a peu into the spell of these stunning products of Mother Nature.

Pearls have a very central meaning in my collections and I try to incorporate pearls into almost every product to give its wearers the grounding that pearls exude. No matter if it is a bond, a necklace, or a bracelet.

And whether it has now finally something to do with the age, or whether I simply found to the good taste, who knows ... But what I can say is that pearls go with everything and every type, are great to touch, look mega-rich, AND (at least to me) have a very calming effect. Universal, so to speak.

By the way, all fashion houses in the world seem to see it that way. Pearls really are on the way to becoming a real fashion piece that we do not want to take off so quickly and certainly won't!


Here are a few interesting facts for the curious among you.

Pearls have stood for wisdom, loyalty, friendship, fertility, inner growth, and other beautiful attributes for thousands of years in various cultures.They are hand flatterers and work with the ph value of our skin. The more we wear them, the more luster the pearl gets.

With pearls, as with gemstones, there are enormous differences, which also affect the price.
Freshwater pearls, for example, can also be grown in rivers and lakes, which is why there is a much higher abundance of them than Tahitian, Akoya, or South Sea pearls.

However, this alone does not mean that they can only be purchased cheaply. There are freshwater pearls that are so perfect and so beautiful that they can command the same prices as saltwater pearls.
I do not want to confuse you. Therefore, just a few pointers:

1. Akoya, which are the smallest saltwater pearls. They come from the waters around Japan and are white, champagne, gold, or grayish in color.

2. Tahitian, these are pearls grown around Tahiti, Australia, Bali, etc. Only one nucleus is used per oyster and the production of the pearl takes between 0.5 and 2 years. The color goes from black to peacock to iridescent (all undyed) purple, green, rose, brown, cream. Everything is there :-)

3. South sea pearls, are the largest pearls and can reach a diameter of up to 3 cm. They are created south of Japan as exclusively as the Akoya and a Tahitian pearl. Their color is gold or cream/white.

4. natural pearls. A pearl without human intervention. I do not use these pearls because they are simply priceless. A beautiful, multi-strand necklace of natural pearls can easily cost 2 million euros. Any more questions :-))?

All pearls I use come from certified farms and are selected by myself in order to keep our very high-quality standard