The White Shirt Needs A Friend

When Corona is not around, most people are in some kind of office space and accordingly wear looser, sometimes stricter business attire. But even in home office times, you have to face others from time to time in the form of video conferences, so come up with something that looks professional. At least waist up :-))

I think that the white shirt is the most beautiful invention of fashion and not only reserved for men as an evergreen. Whether waisted, oversized, made of silk, or fine cotton. To the suit, jeans, or even casual sweatpants (of course not the worn-out favourite Adidas piece).

A woman is never wrong and always right. BUT a white shirt is what it is. Just a white shirt. It always needs the right accessories to elevate a classic outfit to the next level. And that's where I come in!

To me, a long necklace, such as "The Cross Necklace" is essential in video conferences. The necklace is not too delicate, so well visible for my counterpart, stretches the torso (makes you look slim on screen :-)) and super enhances my super plain white shirt without screaming too loud. Seriousness and so.

When I'm in the office, I basically wear tons of bracelets over bracelets. Sure, I should as the boss of a jewelry company, but I really love it. I mix and match all the way through. Pearls with semi-precious stones and diamonds and everything that works. And yet I don't look like a Christmas tree. The bracelets are all fine, high-quality work, and sparkle like $1 million. It never looks cheap. Plus, it allows me to wear the same style every day in new variations. E.g. -totally crazy- with a white t-shirt.


So here's a tip for all of you who always wonder what to wear in the morning: Wear a white shirt and give it the necessary boost with jewelry (from me, of course :-)). You will draw all eyes on you!

Be happy and beautiful!