Old Knowledge Reloaded

The connection between a long-dead nun and 15DEGREESLONDON is indeed a fascinating topic!

Hildegard von Bingen, who lived around the year 1000, holds a special place in history as the first recorded polymath and mystic. As a nun, she dedicated her life to the exploration of plants and stones, meticulously documenting their effects on the human body.

She was an incredibly intriguing woman, breaking societal norms of her time by actively engaging in scientific pursuits. Her remarkable discoveries and the knowledge she shared with others brought about significant help and healing. Her wisdom and teachings continue to be relevant today, preserved within the pages of books.

Let's take the emerald as an example:

The emerald, with its vibrant green hue, embodies the power of "Viriditas" or greenness—the life force necessary for all living beings. This potency is attributed to a mixture of chromium found within the stone. The emerald, rich in stimulating metals, minerals, and trace elements, is often referred to as the "stone of youth" :-). When worn directly on the skin, it has an invigorating, motivating, and balancing effect. In Hildegard's time, this knowledge was applied to the treatment of various ailments, although modern medicine has since taken its place.

Despite its ancient roots, this knowledge remains important to this day.

Hildegard always advocated for direct contact between the stones and the skin, preferring them to be unmounted. In alignment with this philosophy, I strive to craft each piece of jewelry with minimal metal, ensuring that the energy radiating from the stones remains uninterrupted.

Equally important to me is the use of untreated stones, allowing them to work synergistically with the body. In today's world, many low-quality stones are often treated with irradiation to enhance their color and clarity. However, such practices go against the philosophy of 15DEGREESLONDON, as they render the stones "lifeless" and devoid of purpose.

Everything that sparkles in my creations does so by nature's design :-), not by force. I believe that in choosing your jewelry, you should follow your intuition, selecting pieces that resonate with your personal preferences or serve a specific purpose. Your inner guidance will always lead you to what is truly beneficial for you!

Wishing you happiness and beauty always,