Old Knowledge Reloaded

What a long-dead nun has to do with 15DEGREESLONDON is an exciting topic!

Hildegard von Bingen lived around the year 1000 and was the first polymath and mystic according to our records. A nun who made it her life's mission to explore plants and stones and document their effects on the human body.

A highly interesting woman. Not only was it neither common nor proper for women to be scientifically active at that time, but she also made quite fantastic discoveries and was able to help many people. Her knowledge is still used today and can be read in books.

For example: 

The emerald (green) carries the green power "Viriditas", necessary for all life, for which a chromium mixture in the rock provides. These intensely stimulating, strengthening metals, minerals, and trace elements make the emerald the "stone of youth" :-). Worn directly on the skin, it has an invigorating, motivating, and balancing effect. At that time, according to this knowledge, various diseases were treated with the stone, which is nowadays replaced by modern medicine.

And yet it is ancient knowledge and also important knowledge.

Hildegard always advocated bringing the stones directly into contact with the skin (i.e. unmounted).

I try to process each piece of jewelry with as little metal as possible so that the energy emanating from the stones is not interrupted.

It is equally important to me that the stones are untreated so that they can work synergistically with the body. Nowadays, low-quality stones are often irradiated to intensify their color and make them "clearer", but these products are unsuitable for the philosophy of 15DL, because they are "dead" and "useless".

Everything that glitters with my creations glitters by nature :-), and was not forced there. In this sense. Go after your feelings, what you like, or purposefully for a special use in your jewelry choice. Your intuition tells you exactly what is good for you!

Be Happy and Beautiful

X Caroline