Be Happy And Beautiful!

Be Happy and Beautiful!


This is not just some slogan for some product, but my credo. That's what I live and feel and my jewelry supports me!

There will always be different opinions on what is important, useful, or meaningful in life.

This also depends on so many factors that it becomes a very wide field...

Historically, it is a fact that we have been trying to beautify ourselves since time immemorial. Whether with body painting, piercings, or jewelry.

Pearls, for example, are the oldest "precious stone" and the only material in jewelry processing that is produced by a living creature (oyster).

For thousands of years, the pearl was a symbol of wealth (there were no cultured pearls yet), high status, and power, without great glitters, like other precious stones.

Pearls could be cultivated only from the year 1893. Before that, they were so rare to find that they were traded (natural pearls still are today) more valuable than diamonds and were only for gods and kings. According to historical records, strands of pearls were offered to the Chinese emperor as early as 2300 BC. The poet Homer also described the "glittering" pearl earrings of the goddess Juno as early as 762 BC, and pieces of pearl jewelry were found in a sarcophagus of a Persian princess in 420 BC. This is exhibited today in the Louvre, Paris.

You see- pearls, as well as precious stones, are simply part of us.

And aren't we all kings and queens these days?

With this in mind ...

Be happy and beautiful!