Bonds- Necklaces or Bracelets?

are our wrap bracelets, or necklaces, which are pulled on a cotton-coated elastic band, and so can be used universally by you.
The Bonds originated from the idea to be able to wear Buddhist prayer chains on the arm in such a way that they do not fall off.Prayer chains have always fascinated me.
No matter if they are made of simple yak bones or opulent real coral or turquoise.Classically, prayer chains consist of 108 "balls", each of which stands for a mantra. As you say the mantra, a ball passes through your fingers. Similar to our rosary.

The idea behind this, that each "element" stands for a wish or a thought, grounds me personally.


At 15DL, we've taken this theme, interpreted it contemporarily, and designed it into the bonds (German: Bündnisse).

There are "plain" bonds, working with beautiful and very light woods from Indonesia or Vietnam. But also bonds made of turquoise with black diamonds, or hard-to-find golden, small South Sea pearls.

There ist something for every taste.
Personally, I like to wear bonds around my wrists, because the style comes across so casually bohemian and I'm always asked where I got this jewelry :-) In addition, it doesn't disturb at all despite the multiple wrapping. It is cuddly and very light. In summer anyway a must for all jeans and t-shirt girls, but also stylish with dresses and skirts of any kind. In winter, I also like to wear these bands OVER sweaters – similar to what you can do with wristwatches. It's a nice twist, looks fashionable and your bond won't be hidden.

Happy Bonding! 
Eure Caro