"No Piercing" LOVE

Hi! Today I present you our "no piercing" jewelry.

As a fashion junkie, I have followed with great enthusiasm how crude jewelry from the piercing sector merged with the haute couture of our catwalks. Alexander McQueen and Givenchy were among the first houses to bring exotic-looking, opulent structures made of faux pearls and glass stones to the ears or to hang them from the models' noses like bulls.

Artful looks were created and I knew it wouldn't take long before the beauty behind these extraordinary pieces of couture jewelry made its way to us.

The extraordinary of this jewelry lies on the one hand in the fact that it is different from the ordinary because it is different without being obtrusive.On the contrary. You can immediately tell that it is real jewelry and that makes the piercing shape look elegant.
And the best... NO additional holes...
Our No Piercing pieces are made of white freshwater pearls with a shiny luster and gorgeous Tahitian pearls. Something for every taste. These Huggies are great worn individually, also always to your daily ear jewelry, or several on top of each other. More fashion statement is not possible! Apart from that, you will look great :-)


The Huggies are complemented by our "No Piercing" Cuff and the "No Piercing" Choker. Both designed semi-open, so the Tahitian pearls can be worn forward or backward. I like both. If I want it to be more classic, I wear the white pearls to the front and automatically have a "classic" hoop. If I like it more flashy, then I wear the Tahitian pearls to the front and people immediately see that the jewelry has a piercing shape.
Be happy and beautiful!
Yours, Caro