Fragrance Game Changer

As you know, 15DEGREESLONDON has been intensively involved with Japanese culture since its inception. Everything we stand for takes place in harmony with nature. 

My beloved KODO sprays as fragrances of the next generation, for example, were created this way. 

The approach is as simple as it is radical. No aroma chemicals, no nature-identical oils, no re-creations. Just pure fragrance molecules from nature in their most beautiful compositions. 

The absolutely most wonderful thing about working with purely natural ingredients is that each fragrance molecule is made up of hundreds of components, and therefore smells different to each person. Chemical fragrance molecules consist of exactly one component and therefore smell the same on everyone. An approach of the perfume industry, which bores me. 

This is where the Eau de Parfums came from. Three fragrances created beyond the mass market. Valuable and exclusive, all handmade. 

They have just been chosen by Harper's Bazzar as one of the top 10 game changer perfumes, as these Eau de Parfums are indeed paving the way for a new generation of fragrance.  

Natural manufacturing, purest ingredients, no aroma chemicals, handmade. All these embody my personal values. 

Natural substances are volatile, complex and delicate. Once harvested, they have all the typical characteristics of any part of the earth, from the hours of sunshine to the biological breeding, even the hands through which they passed and the subsequent distillation process. 

For me, a magical connection with nature.