Big Flower Diamond Bond


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  • 12 mm Abelia wooden beads
  • Two diamond pavé beads à 12 mm
  • Two diamond pavé beads à 8 mm
  • Blackened silver, silver diamonds
  • 2 Signature Tahitian Pearls
  • Black cotton coated elastic band


Tahitian pearls, with their captivating dark beauty, possess a unique ability to flatter the wearer's skin and command attention as the queen of pearls. These remarkable gems encompass a multitude of legendary qualities, but perhaps one of the most enchanting is their ability to reveal the hidden treasures within the wearer. Like the oyster that nurtures the pearl, Tahitian pearls awaken the dormant brilliance that resides within us, allowing our true essence to shine.

In contrast, the grounding presence of wood and the invincible nature of diamonds complement this symbiotic relationship. Wood, with its earthy and stabilizing energy, provides a solid foundation that fosters a sense of rootedness and connection to nature. Diamonds, renowned for their hardness and enduring strength, symbolize invincibility and serve as a reminder of our own resilience and inner fortitude.

Together, these elements create a harmonious composition that celebrates both the delicate allure and the intrinsic power within us. The interplay of Tahitian pearls, wood, and diamonds embodies a profound unity, inviting us to embrace our hidden depths, find strength in our rootedness, and exude a timeless elegance that combines grace with unwavering resilience.


Drawing inspiration from Buddhist prayer chains, these bonds offer a bold and beautiful style that can be worn around the neck or wrapped multiple times around the wrist. The lightweight design ensures that the sizable balls are barely noticeable, making them comfortable to wear.

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handmade. Showering or bathing in the sea makes it age faster. Pearls are natural products. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all. 37 cm length.

All 15DEGREESLONDON jewelry is made from real and natural materials and may therefore vary slightly from the photos shown.


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