Sundown Necklace


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  • Natural Mediterranean Coral beads, 4 mm diameter (Species: Corallium Rubrum)
  • Tsavorite beads
  • Signature Tahitian pearls

Natural Mediterranean coral is particularly beautiful in color and of the most magnificent evenness. Unlike Chinese coral, which is naturally white and dyed, this coral already grows red, it is valuable and harvested in controlled stocks.

Pearls combine many legendary properties. One of the most beautiful is that they bring out the hidden treasures of the wearer. 

If coral and pearl do not belong together... In this necklace we used special Tahitian pearls. They shimmer in blue and green iridescence to give back the coral the habitat of the sea. The toxic green tsavorite complements this combo perfectly, because it breaks the bright coral red in a modern way. 

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handmade. Showering or bathing in the sea makes it age faster. Pearls are natural products. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all. Length 46 cm.

All 15DEGREESLONDON jewelry is made from real and natural materials and may therefore vary slightly from the photos shown.


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