Dancing Simple Huggie


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● Simple Huggie in a "clean style"
● White freshwater pearls
● One dangling baroque Tahitian pearl


Pearls possess the remarkable ability to flatter not only the hands but also the ears. Their surface exerts a calming influence, instilling a sense of tranquility. Moreover, with increased contact with the skin, pearls acquire a heightened luminosity and shine. As symbols of wisdom, purity, luck, and wealth, pearls have held significant meaning for countless millennia. Their enduring significance and allure have captivated individuals throughout history.


The fashionable and stylish Huggie features a sleek design inspired by classic piercings. It effortlessly elevates any outfit, making a bold fashion statement while providing a comfortable and lightweight feel.

To wear the ear cuff, gently bend both ends to open it. Place it on your ear and squeeze until the pearls touch each other. Then, slide it down to your desired position, snugly fitting close to your antitragus cartilage for a perfect and secure fit.

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handmade. Showering or bathing in the sea makes it age faster.
Pearls are natural products. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all.

All jewelry from 15DEGREESLONDON is made of real and natural materials and therefore may differ slightly from the photos shown.


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