Principessa Bracelet


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  • White mini freshwater pearls, 2-3 mm
  • Bead in 14k gold with 21 white diamonds
  • 2 grey freshwater pearls
  • Silver grey Shamballa nylon closure


White pearls are symbols of loyalty, purity, friendship, and wisdom. They embody qualities that inspire trust, foster genuine connections, and evoke a sense of innocence and clarity. Their luminescent beauty captivates with a timeless elegance, making them a cherished and versatile gemstone.

In conjunction with the iconic 14k bead, this combination becomes even more powerful. The bead represents strength, willpower, and invincibility. It serves as a personal talisman, a reminder of one's inner fortitude and determination to overcome challenges. The bead's presence adds a touch of resilience and unwavering resolve to the ensemble, amplifying its significance and meaning.

Together, the white pearls and the iconic 14k bead create a harmonious synergy, merging the qualities of loyalty, purity, friendship, and wisdom with strength, willpower, and invincibility. This combination reflects a balanced blend of grace, inner strength, and profound insight. It serves as a reminder to embrace the virtues of loyalty, purity, and friendship while drawing upon our own inherent strength and wisdom to navigate life's journey with resilience and grace.

The Principessa bracelet is specifically designed for all the princesses out there, featuring delicate 2mm pearls that exude an elegant and refined aesthetic. It is a piece of jewelry that celebrates grace and sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for those who embrace their inner royalty.


Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handmade. Showering or bathing in the sea makes it age faster. Pearls are natural products. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all. Length 16 cm.

All 15DEGREESLONDON jewelry is made from real and natural materials and may therefore vary slightly from the photos shown.


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