Emerald Pearl Bracelet


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  • About 16 carat Signature emeralds
  • Signature Tahitian pearl
  • 2 grey freshwater pearls
  • Dark green Shamballa drawstring closure


Emerald, known as the stone of youth, holds a special place in the realm of gemstones. Its lush green color exudes a revitalizing energy that has an invigorating effect on our being. Emeralds are renowned for their composition, containing a wealth of stimulating metals, minerals, and trace elements. These elements contribute to the stone's unique properties, promoting a sense of openness to new experiences and facilitating the release of old, limiting behavioral patterns. Through its vibrant energy, emerald encourages personal growth and the shedding of outdated structures, making way for renewed vitality and a fresh outlook on life.

Complementing the emerald, the Tahitian pearl offers a soothing and tactile experience for the wearer. With its exquisite beauty and tactile qualities, the Tahitian pearl engages our senses and invites a moment of tranquility and reflection. The pearl's inherent wisdom and purity resonate harmoniously with the emerald's invigorating energy, creating a balanced synergy that nurtures both the body and the spirit.

Together, the emerald and the Tahitian pearl form a harmonious pairing, offering a holistic experience that encompasses both revitalization and serenity. This combination allows for personal transformation, as the invigorating properties of the emerald inspire growth and openness, while the soothing qualities of the Tahitian pearl provide a sense of calm and introspection.

In the union of these two remarkable gemstones, we find a symbiotic relationship that encapsulates the dynamic interplay between invigoration and tranquility, creating a balanced and enriching experience for the wearer.

These stunning emeralds are a delight for green lovers. As one of the classic gemstones, emeralds hold timeless appeal. However, this particular design takes a modern and contemporary approach to showcase the beauty of emeralds. It's a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles, making it a standout choice for jewelry enthusiasts.

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handmade. Showering or bathing in the sea makes it age faster. Pearls are natural products. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other acidic liquids.

One size fits all. Length of the pendant about 5 cm. Length of the chain 30 cm.

All jewelry from 15DEGREESLONDON is made of real and natural materials and therefore may differ slightly from the photos shown.


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